August Wi-Fi or Pro?

I have Z-wave as part of my HA setup. Looking at the Wi-Fi or Pro version of the August lock. Couple questions if people know:

  1. Do you need the hub to get the Pro connected or with Z-Wave can it work without the hub? Wasn’t sure what the Hub itself did.
  2. With the Wi-Fi version heard this requires the cloud to work. Is there no local integration? Know there is an integration in HA but not sure if that is all local or connects to August.



By hub you mean the August Connect? It is not required to use Z-Wave but they messed up the Lock’s Z-Wave communication long ago on a firmware update and it stops responding is some cases and even Z-Wave JS to MQTT had to put a warning message / disclaimer about it…

A lot of people has complained to them and contacted support (me included) and they just ignore it.

These locks are not bad but I hate a company that ignores their users so if you have not purchased it yet then it’s better you buy something else.

If you already got it, get the connect, yes it requires cloud and there isn’t a local API but works well so highly recommended…

Basically. The Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. I don’t want to have to use that but wasn’t sure if it was what provided Z-Wave functionality but sounds like it’s toasty anyway.

Can’t win on that one. Wanted the Level lock but it’s HomeKit based. Wanted the Wi-Fi version of the August lock but hear it’s built bad and the battery lasts like a week. Looks like you physically replace it but not sure though still don’t want to have to recharge a battery weekly either way.

Guess I’ll give up again on smart locks as want something minimalistic and not bulky but usable. Back to checking the door nightly as family leaves the door unlocked and don’t notice that until the the next day.