Aussie wifi socket - will it work?


I just saw these on sale at K-Mart in Aus. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. In a quick search I didn’t find details of the internal to see if it runs an ESP8266 or whatever so not sure if we can flash with Tasmota etc…

Although not as cheap as Sonoff, at least they are AU reg compliant so no dramas with insurance if something goes bad.


The Genio series is supposed to be based on Tuya and should work with the Tuya add-on accordingly. I had no chance to buy one yet but will do shortly.

I have no idea in regards of Tasmota flash.


Tuya needs cloud connectivity so I dont want that…


Anyone popped one open yet to see if it can be flashed?

I just read this:

Which suggests that if it is a tuya, it could be possible.
I’m with you Dave, i would rather not have cloud connected devices, if i wanted cloud connected i could have just bought a dozen Sonoff plugs and left them as stock standard!

Also having them commercially available in Aus (and just down the road) makes them a little appealing!