Australia Thermostat

Hi All.

I am after a recommendation if possible.
Our lounge heater is plugged in and we simply turn it on and off via the power point. I use HA and plan to change this to a smart socket. No problems there

I have z wave stuff as well as bits and pieces of other stuff.

Looking for a simple to change temp option for my technicaly challenged partner.

I have some multi sensor units so if needed I could sense temp with them and feed back to a node red flow etc.

But are there any battery operated thermostats that I could use so she can change temp etc? We also have Alexa and Google assistants we could use.

After some ideas?

You want to have a ‘virtual’ thermostat right?

You adjust the temperature in HA, and use that to decide when to turn on/off the lounge room heater? Not try and adjust the temperature on the actual heater?

Google Assistant could interface to this for voice control. Not sure about the physical thermostat side, but you will need a temperature sensor.

I could use one of my multi sensors for the temp sensor part