Australian BOM Rain Radar Card

Due to the recent changes made by the BOM this card no longer is able to work with the updated way they are making radar data available. It still works with rainviewer data.
I will probably deprecate this card in the next few weeks. I would suggest moving to the weather-radar-card which is focused on using rainviewer and will give a similar experience.

Bugger. Link to the other card?

It’s in HACS. It is basically the same card without the BoM specific options. Just search for weather-radar-card.


that would explain the lack of rain on the radar (as I listen to the rain outside)

Some possible good news. I have reverse engineered most of the new BOM radar stuff, but the outcome is that the card needs a complete rewrite. Unfortunately I am ridiculously busy with my job that pays the bills (unfortunately open source development doesn’t) including a bunch of overseas travel etc, so this will have to be a ‘when I have free time’ project. If there are any other keen devs that are willing to help it would be awesome.
The new way that the BOM is doing the data is really good and I can understand why they made the changes and the maps look nice. Here is a sample of what I am pulling from the dataset.


Eagerly awaited! Thank you for your work on this however, I understand your busy, so I’ll be patient!

The beginnings of the new version are slowly coming together. Very much a work in progress, but I have a basic non-animated version of the card working.

If you are a developer and would like to help please message me. I will most likely be provinding most of the future wip updates over on this issue on github.


Thanks. I am not a developer but keen to checkout v3. Happy to be a tester :slight_smile:

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Happy new year (almost) to everyone. I know it has been ages since my last update here, but life has been hectic (including time integrating Australian built satellites onto SpaceX rockets in the US).
I have done some work on the v3 card that uses the BOM data directly, but it is still a work in progress. It now have it animating nicely with the ability to set the centre location/zoom and set the home marker. It looks something like this right now.

I still need to fix up the bottom scroll bar, and as you may have noticed none of the map controls from the current are available yet.
FWIW, the Bom data and visualisation is far superior to what the current card provides and looks the same as the images provided by the BoM mobile app. The data allows for loops of up to 6 hours.
The question I have is what do people feel is needed before I make a pre-release available?


If you can set the zoom level in the config that will do me fine. I have no need to scroll. I have a zoomed out and a zoomed in card. The current radar as very low resolution compared to the BoM version.

You can already set the zoom level and pick between the dark map I have been showing and the light map used in the BoM mobile app. You can also use the scroll wheel to zoom and the left button to pan in 2d. I also found that the right button has an interesting function by default (will probably disable it), but it allows 3d rotation.


Are alerts if a storm enters a zone possible?

Haha, no chance. Not even the BoM with all there supercomputer power can achieve that.

It was a tongue-in-cheek request.

But I did have a phone app that would warn me if rain was approaching my location that used the BoM radar data. It either didn’t work or BoM changed their API because I can’t find it now.

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A new 3.0.2 alpha is available. It fixes a few minor UI things but mostly just fixes up the bottom section to have proper colours and adds the timestamps. It also tries to adjust the layer orders in dark mode to match the way the bom does it. Everyone should give the bom feedback on the mobile app about the real need for dark mode on the radar.
I am not getting much time to work on it so progress is going to be slow.


I thought I’d give the 3.0.2 build a go and am finding the BoM data is not showing, any clues?


type: custom:bom-radar-card
data_source: BoM
map_style: Dark
zoom_level: 9
square_map: true
show_zoom: true
show_playback: true
show_recenter: true
show_scale: true
show_radar_location: true
show_radar_coverage: false
show_range: false
extra_labels: true
show_marker: false
center_latitude: -33.851971
center_longitude: 151.210882
static_map: false

Well forget that last post - after many hours it just started to work.

I must say the 3.0.2 alpha is brilliant. Ignoring my earlier post and using now since Sunday I am finding the new card with the BoM radar much better, and the new features are great. Thanks for taking the time to get this going again :slight_smile: