Australian BOM Rain Radar Card

Not a bad idea. Could you create it as an issue on the github repo so that I don’t forget about it. It’s not super straight forward so it may take a little while for me to get to.

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V2.0.1 has been released.
Today the BoM commissioned a new radar at Taroom, Qld. This release just adds that marker to the maps.

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Hey all, looking for a little bit of feedback on a couple of ideas. It has been suggested that the card could benefit from having an (optional) title. I am thinking about adding it at the top, but only if a new text field in the config is set. Otherwise nothing will change.

I have also realised that I am missing showing the attribution of the data for the radar data (I have the map stuff, but not the radar). I need to add this somehow and it won’t be optional. What I am thinking is to add a second line under the map attribution for it, so it won’t make the card much larger. The bonus of doing that is I can also increase the font size of the timestamp a little bit, thus making the time a little easier to read.

Thoughts? Violent objections? Other options? will all be considered.

No strong opinions either way.

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Thanks @tom_l. I haven’t figured out the details yet, but there will also be some blue/yellow with a link to support the leaflet and rainviewer projects included in the attribution.

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2.0.4 released

  • Adds the option to have a card title
  • Includes some extra attribution of data sources
  • Increases the timestamp size slightly
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2.0.6 released.

Happy new radar day! The BoM commissioned a new radar at Yeoval today (near Parkes,NSW). Close to me so I am happy!


Good job. Great they keep adding new ines

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For those playing along at home. When new radars get added you get the updated images without any updates. The update simply adds the radar icon and coverage greyness (is that a word) to the map. But this new radar really does fill in a big gap in the coverage to the west of Sydney and the NW of Canberra.


Has anyone gotten this radar card working in HAdashboard?
I’ve got it working in Lovelace and it looks good, but I want to get this working on an old iPad using HAdashboard.

Nevermind… I managed to get it working by making an animated gif from the BOM website. Here is my code if anyone is interested…

Might be a silly question but is there a way to integrate this with the location so I can see people location as well as the weather on one tile? I’m guessing difficult but thought I’d ask! Thanks!!
PS. Love the card :slight_smile:

Extremely difficult (if not impossible).

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Wouldn’t it in theory be possible to pull in the geocoded location sensor to create a marker?
similar to how the map card handles it.

- sensor.phone_geocoded_location

zone.home would be interesting too…

I have created a beta release 2.1.0 that updates the Leaflet javascript library being used to the latest version.

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