Auth isses :(

What does “Unable to connect to Home Assistant” (with the blue logo and a retry countdown) actually mean?

It’s obbviously not that it can’t actually see HA, as it’s downloaded that part of the interface. And I know that HA is fine as I’m using it from other devices. I have two that intermittently come up with this ‘unable to connect’ thing, and it drives me nutty. Network is fine etc…

It doesn’t like the url you are using.
You can find many posts about fixing it. Tips on Searching for Answers & Duplicate Topics in the Forum.

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Ah ok. Yeah I know how to search thanks :slight_smile: Got a bit fed up and thought I’d do a post before I went to bed (very late).

This seems like something that should be handled better. A redirect or at least a different error perhaps.

Also - I don’t think it’s that. Getting it on another device now, for which I have not changed the URL. And, also on the app.

A majority of the questions on Installation - Home Assistant Community. deal with this same kind of thing.

Sorry to come back here, but I haven’t been able to find an answer.

I’ve tried all URLs, and have even factory defaulted my iPad. As you can see, the interface is missing text.

The iPad is a few years old so won’t run the newer app and installs the previous version.

But even using a browser gives the same issues. Does this mean that HA won’t work on the browsers that run on older iPads? It has a lightning connector so I always consider that to make it “not that old” but I guess it’s not that new either, and perhaps there are elements in HA now that require a recent browser version?