Authelia 2FA with android companion app

I recently switched over from iPhone to Android phone, and noticed Authelia’s 2FA is not compatible with the android’s Home Assistant app.

when logging in on iPhone, the app will redirect to the Authelia’s login page, and after successful authentication, it will then redirect back to home assistance. All of these happens within the iOS Home Assistant app itself.

However, when logging in on the android, the android Home Assistant app will open the phone’s browser (chrome) and authenticate in the browser app instead. After completing the authentication, it never redirect back to the Home Assistant app. Somehow the successful authentication never got passed back to the Home Assistant app.

This github issue is very similar to my problem,. However, the solution suggested is to bypass Authelia.
Anyone run similar services as I do and know how to to fix this?

About my setup:

Home Assistant is behind nginx reverse proxy (swag). All the services (HA/swag/authelia) run on docker.

I thought I responded to this but here is the existing feature request mobile app to support authelia / other authentication layers · Issue #1438 · home-assistant/android · GitHub