Authenticate OpenZWave MQTT client via certificates

I am running Home Assistant, Eclipse-Mosquitto, and OpenZWave (ozwdaemon) in docker and using ozw (OpenZWave) and mqtt integrations. I would like to use certificate based authentication, rather than username and password, to authenticate MQTT clients. Here are some relevant entries from my configuration:

Eclipse-Mosquitto: mosquitto.conf

port 8883
cafile /mosquitto/certs/ca.crt
certfile /mosquitto/certs/server.crt
keyfile /mosquitto/certs/server.key
require_certificate true
use_identity_as_username true

Home Assistant: configuration.yaml

    port: 8883
    certificate: /config/certs/ca.crt
    client_key: /config/certs/client.key
    client_cert: /config/certs/client.crt

Docker-Compose: openzwave service

      - MQTT_PORT=8883
      - MQTT_TLS=true

The mqtt integration seems to support certificate based authentication, but the OpenZWave integration does not. It doesn’t seem like the underlying ozwdaemon project supports certificate based authentication at this time.

Has anyone successfully enabled certificate based authentication for OpenZWave integration or am I out of luck until this feature is added to ozwdaemon?