Authentication Providers not working internal IP

I want to cast my dashboard on my Google Nest Hub first gen (so no keyboard available), so I need to bypass the login for one specific IP, in this case So I’m using catt with this command:

catt -d cast_site

But on the nest, it says: Login aborted: Your computer is not allowed. I also tried on other devices.

Nginx proxy manager addon is install since I have remote access too. The IP of the docker container for Nginx proxy manager is But I think it don’t matter since I’m using internal IP.

Here’s my config:

  customize: !include customize.yaml
    - type: trusted_networks
      trusted_users: xxuser_idxx xxuser_idxx
      allow_bypass_login: true
    - type: homeassistant

  use_x_forwarded_for: true

I tried removing the trusted_users part, adding only the ip, the network, both. But it didn’t work and I don’t know what to do now.

Or if there is a way of connecting a keyboard to the Nest Hub first gen that I didn’t find (I even try the micro usb, but the keyboard didn’t even have power).

Thanks in advanced

I think this problem is what the Home Assistant Cast launcher is designed to solve: Home Assistant Cast