Authentication settings

Hi all!
I’m new here and I need some help to configure correctly my installation.
My device is:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 b+
  • Updated Hassio
  • Duck DNS add-on
  • NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy add-on
    All is working great (i’ve implemented Ikea Tradfi, Tasmota switch and plug, Denon AVR, Google TTS and Home Mini… ecc…).
    To make working correctly the SSL I’ve used NGINX as described around internet and I’ve set on configuration.yaml the “Trusted networks” under the auth provider (if I remeber is because SSL not work correctly… maybe??).
    My actual configuration is:
#   - type: legacy_api_password
#     api_password: !secret http_password
   - type: trusted_networks
   - type: homeassistant

On login attempt the page offers me 2 way to login:

  • Trusted network with all my user that after selected will login without password (so everyone can login from internet!!!)
  • Home assistant local with user and password
    I’ll ask you if I can hide or delete the “Trusted Network” login page as I want only to access with User and Password.
    I didn’t try yet but I think that if I comment all the above configuration I can’t access correctly… I’m wrong?

Thank you,