Authorisation on Safari (iOS, old iPad) and Explorer for TileBoard

Because the HA App does work on my old iPad I decided to start using TileBoard, so that I can use the old iPad as displayfor HA in my living room.

I installed the tileboard files in the “www” dirctory of HA and it works fine when I open it in Chrome. It reroute me to the login screen of HA and I can fill in my username and password.

HA normal login

However when I open the http://HA IP adress:8123/local/TileBoard/index.html on the old iPad in Safari or on with Internet Explorer (or Dolphin) I get rerouted to the login sceen of HA and can not provide the login details

I am looking for a work around so that TileBoard works on my old iPad

Is this something that could be solve with “Long-Lived Access Tokens”, is there another work around and how do this by adjusting the config file of TileBoard.

This question is answered (see else in the forum)