Auto alerts page based on sensor values specified in entity

I have my HA setup pretty tuned and it works great but I find myself having to go visit several pages and scan values to see whether anything (temperature, humidity, wind forecast etc) needs my attention. I was thinking if HA were to add a way to specify an alert range / set of values for any entity (obviously any entity that produces a numeric or predefined set of values) then HA could automatically add any sensor that is in an alert status to a special page / list / whatever. This would allow for a very easy way to have a “quick alerts” focus page that one could glance at and if anything is on there then it needs attention.

That works really well, thanks. Will fulfill some of my need for sure and really slick. Would still love to be able to specify per entity and have it automated though - like an alarm condition. But thank you for this card, definitely very useful and flexible.

I got a bunch of these cards working, really phenomenal!

Just two questions:

  • How do I set a title for the card
  • Is there any way to make custom cards work with this?

Edit: got the title to work, just need to know if there’s a way to combine this with custom cards

I tried with both to just put stuff in the “Card:” section but it doesn’t seem to work, I’m sure I’m missing something


It would be really cool to be able to sort by area - I have a auto entities panel of all switches currently on in my house - if I could sort by area it would allow me to see what rooms have lights on and easily shut off the lights in that room