Auto Backup to Synology

Hi there,

I installed today HA and want now to creat an auto backup to my Synology NAS.

I found no Tutorial or way to fix this issue.
Can you help me?


Where and how did you install homeassistant?

You could start with the samba backup addon.

If e.g. you are running a vm and your synology supports active backup for business you could do snapshots backup via that.


Thx for the quick answer

HA runs on a VM on the Synology ds220+.

So i have to install the samba backup addon and can creat an auto backup to the NAS?

yes thats most easy to do

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More information here: Samba Backup: Create and store snapshots on a Samba share

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If you are running HA at Synology NAS that you want to make backup to… it is not the best solution. Even if this is 2 bay NAS, if something goes wrong you loose system and backup.
First I’d use:

  • Google Drive Backup to replicate native HA snapshots to the cloud. This would allow to quickly restore state of HA if something goes wrong with just HA or its configuration.
  • I would connect USB drive to your NAS and use Hyper Backup to make backup of NAS to external device. This way if HA instance is completely screwed or something wrong happens with NAS you can restore it from independent media.


i use Hyperbackup to create 3 backups.
2 to other NAS in other locations - and third backup is to the 2nd bay in my 220+.

How can I backup to the Google Drive?
I cannot find this point in the options?

Do google drive that has not miss a beat for me

On a command line level you may use rsync for a daily backup to your NAS?

Just look for Google Drive Backup in add-on store. You install it from there, confugre your Google account, backup parameters (like backup retention) and this is it!

I used this tutorial and hope that I never get problems :smiley:

Thanks to all!