Auto Dash - Auto Generating YAML Dashboard

Hi guys,

i spent some time with creating my own dashboard in YAML. The cool part is that you can use it too.

I have to say that i am no coder, i just have fun with everything HA related. Also i know there are other methods with deploying dashboards but as i said i have no idea with coding (specially javascript)
The dashboard is a rebuild of Dwains Dashboard

So i want to share my dashboard: Home | Auto Dash

  • responsive (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • auto generated and sorted by areas and domains
  • userfriendly to implement
  • easily to customize (just yaml)

This dashboard heavily relies on custom cards:

I played around with custom auto entities filter in combination with decluttering card so you can use variables in templates to easily customize the dashboard.

Also if no one wants to use the complete dashboard i love to share the templates and filters because i don’t think anyone else did something like this before. (maybe because there are cooler options :D)

This is just an early version of the dashboard and there are much things to do.


  • responsive design build on grids (layout-card)
  • header card with clock, greeting and weather
  • status card - which shows which entities are on
  • room card - shows quick status of a room
  • room view - shows all entities assigned to that room

Everything should be auto generated so first install should be easy.
You can easilly create filters for areas and entities. Change card types and language.

Please see the documentation Home | Auto Dash for installation and configuration.