Auto Dialer with Voice message/basic control-Anyone done this?

So I don’t know if I’m in the right subforum to ask this but I had a idea.

So I’m running HASS OS, on a x64 machine, with some beefy specs(16gb ram, i5, ssd, twin NICs) and I was doing some digging with my internet service provider.
So I have a home phone number, but nowadays, who uses home phones? What I’m looking to see if someone has done is built a integration for a dialer, to dial a number on trigger, then on call answer, a prerecorded message, with or without the ability to use DTMF for feedback to acknowledge the call, or trigger automations. My idea for this is I have at times issues with water in the basement, and as opposed to sending a text, which I have setup using email, a phone call with a notification of the alarm, and prompt for activation of a backup pump.