Auto Dialer with Voice message/basic control-Anyone done this?

So I don’t know if I’m in the right subforum to ask this but I had a idea.

So I’m running HASS OS, on a x64 machine, with some beefy specs(16gb ram, i5, ssd, twin NICs) and I was doing some digging with my internet service provider.
So I have a home phone number, but nowadays, who uses home phones? What I’m looking to see if someone has done is built a integration for a dialer, to dial a number on trigger, then on call answer, a prerecorded message, with or without the ability to use DTMF for feedback to acknowledge the call, or trigger automations. My idea for this is I have at times issues with water in the basement, and as opposed to sending a text, which I have setup using email, a phone call with a notification of the alarm, and prompt for activation of a backup pump.

Hi @fdlou147
Did you ever found out how to achieve this? I’m interested in the same. I’m migrating my Fibaro system to HASS OS (similar hardware specs as yours).
For my Fibaro system alarm setup, I trigger a shell-script on a Raspberry Pi, and with a SIP tool running on the Raspberry I can dial my (+wife’s) iphone and play a prerecorded message (tried text-to-speak), but Raspberry was not powerful enough. I can do the same of-course with my HASS setup, but rather want to get rid off the Raspberry in between.