Auto populate card based on MQTT announce responses

I have a bunch of Shellies in my system, all configured to use their native MQTT. All my Shellies are in my NoT network so they do not have access to anything (LAN or WAN) except my MQTT broker. What I want to do is have a card that lets me easily update and access each Shelly’s web interface.

What I want to do is post announce to shellies/command. All my Shellies will respond with their IP address, model id, etc. With that I can create a link for its web interface as well as an update command following the pattern returned by I have all firmwares stored on a local web server so Shellies can update without access to the internet.

Right now, I manually build a web page, but that’s a pain. I want to do it all directly in HA. I see there is a filter entity card, but that works by entity type. I want to build based on every device that response to an MQTT announce command.