Auto start

Hi there,

I’m trying to auto start hassio on a raspberry pi 4b.
I tried to follow the guide, but don’t quite understand it.

The path I get when i type whereis hass is: hass: /home/pi/.local/bin/hass
This path seems to be hidden/false, as I can’t browse to the .local folder.

Can anyone help me to configurate this?



So are you trying to autostart hassio (which when you install it, it autostarts on its own) or Home Assistant in python Venv?

What you have stated are 2 different things.

Whenever I restart my Pi, I have to enter hass in the cli to start the services.

I would like to start automatically, so I don’t have to enter hass manually after the pi has been restarted.

Please explain how you installed Home Assistant, because hassio starts on it’s own by default. It sounds like you installed it in python?

That could be true, I had some troubles with the guide below, so I tried multiple guides.

But in the end I managed to finish the installation with the guide below.

OK. So you installed it in a python venv. That is not hassio. That is just home assistant.

Did you follow the directions in the documentation on starting the service?

I believe I misunderstood the page :wink:
I now have the right path, but the question is: where do I have to paste that code? In a new document or in an excisting one? If in new, what does the name has to be.

I noticed I don’t have write rights in that folder: srv/homeassistant

Kinda new to this.

That page I linked tells you…