Auto start iphone shortcut without tapping notification?

Hello. I followed the info here Executing a Shortcut via Home Assistant Notifications and was able to trigger a shortcut on my iphone from HA … but as the text states you need to physically tap on the HA notification on the phone before the shortcut will trigger. Has anyone figured out how to start the shortcut automatically? I want a shortcut to start a timer to auto trigger without me having to do anything.

This should not be possible except by exploit since this would make it possible to send and open web link without user input

If you do get it to work there’s probably bug bounty available from apple

Maybe you can send trigger to ifttt to cause some action. That’s close enough to what you ask I think?

but isnt it just like having a shortcut that says: if email from A and subject = ABC do X … I just want something ilke: if notification from my hass instance A and notification = ABC do X

Generally OS wont allow action without user input and I dont think HA app on phone does local automation yet. To do this would allow anyone to run action on device when , for example, receive mms (real problem). Imagine spammers sending texts that cause phone to launch their site or install app.

Apps can do things locally using remote triggers.
IFTTT is probably best app for what your trying to do.