Auto tidy up entity names

I tried to tackle this problem and ran into problems. So i will start again i am using the auto enties plugin from thomas loven that automaticaly pulls new entities into a card . In my case parcels from 17track however they have a long entity name prefixed “seventeentrack package”-item i want to have it automaticaly take out the seventeen track part of the name and just see the item (memo).
I tried custom:template-entity-row but i cannot get it to work is there azn easier way or is my code wrong.

type: 'custom:auto-entities'
  title: Parcels
  type: entities
    - entity_id: sensor.*track_package_*
        type: 'custom:template-entity-row'
        name: >-
          {{ state_attr('this.entity_id','friendly_name') |
          regex_replace(find="Seventeentrack Package: ", replace="",
        secondary: >-
          {% if states[config.entity].last_changed is defined %} {{
          relative_time(states[config.entity].last_changed) }} ago {% else %}
          Undefined {% endif %} - {{ state_attr(config.entity, 'info_text') }}

You can do this in customize.yaml

Unless i am wrong is customize.yaml for manualy changing the entity. I need it to be automatically done as the new entity is added