Auto-update ESPHome from HA running in Container?

I run HA in a docker container, so I am unable to add any add-ons. I also run ESPHome in docker so I can do over the air updates. But I have to update my devices manually through the ESPHome UI. Is there a way I can get HA to automatically update my ESPHome devices?

You mean that esp modules would automatically update each time an esphome addon updates? You don’t want that, trust me. Many times an update contains breaking changes and this way some of your modules will suddenly just stop working, possibly in the worst time, like you’re away…
But, to the question: no, not that i know off. Nothing in HA updates automatically, for excact reason above (breaking changes).
In the end, why would you wanna update all your modules each time anyway? Golden rule is valid here: Don’t fix if it’s not broken. Some of my esp’s still run on early 2023 fw… i only update when i change something in a module.

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Fair point. I would at least like HA to be able to notify me if an update is available. Right now I have to periodically check the ESPHome UI to see if an update is available. It would be great if - outside of the ESPHome add-on - there was a way for HA to know that an update is available.

You can do that with automation. Each esp device has a sensor called “update.nameofdevice_firmware”. If you use that as trigger you can receive a notification on your phone etc…

I am pretty sure those update sensors are only available for ESPHome if you are using the add-on.

Hm… you mean that you don’t have them? I’d think more that they are created when esp module is added into HA (via api). I kinda doubt that addon creates these update sensors. Check out if they are perhaps disabled…
EDIT: i checked with one of my test esp’s: update sensor is created when i add esp device into HA (either if it’s auto recognized or if i add it manually), not before, when i compile and/or program it.