Auto-update not working for Add-ons (Even When Enabled)

Hey everyone,

I’m having some trouble with auto-updates for my Home Assistant add-ons. I’ve double-checked and enabled auto-update within the settings for each add-on, but they never seem to update automatically.

Anyone else facing this issue? I’m curious what I might be missing to get auto-updates working properly.

They are working, you’re just not being patient. The updates that appear in the frontend are entities that poll endpoints to show you when new updates are available. The supervisor polls at a different frequency. The supervisor will only update when it see’s an update and auto update is turned on. If you wait, at some point the supervisor will catch up and update the addon.


Indeed, I am not the most patient person on earth. Thank you for the explanation.

Did you test it afterwards, @steuerlexi?
If yes, how long does it take to auto-update?

Honestly, at this point, I spend more time updating Music Assistant than using HA in itself… :face_exhaling:

Auto update takes a couple of days but it works

Days, hmmm… No wonder it didn’t seem to work.

Thanks for the feedback. :wink: