"Autoboot" cursor after a power outage - do I really need to rebuild from scratch?

I’ve been using HA for about a month now - new Windows PC purchased just for this purpose, running in VirtualBox.

I had a power outage last night - turned the Windows PC back on and noticed none of my automations were working. Navigated to my VM terminal to see something I hadn’t seen before - a blank window that just said “Autoboot” in the upper left-hand corner. I could toggle to boot, which it does, but then it ultimately winds up back in this “Autoboot” state.

I have found a handful of other posts on this forum that don’t have a clear conclusion/resolution. Unfortunately, I have not been actively backing up my VM. Obviously had I known a power outage could cause me to lose everything, I would have been.

Do I have any recourse at this point, or do I really need to start over, from scratch?

Doesn’t look good, but I’m not ‘expert’. That said, once you have this sorted, I can possible help with creating an automatic VM backup solution for future use.

What version of VirtualBox (and tools) are you using?

Thanks. I’m using VirtualBox 6.1.30 r148432 (Qt5.6.2)

Have you tried creating new machine with access to the same virtual drive? It looks like something is corrupted in the virtualbox setup file. Did something get changed in the setup?

Some things to check.

I did - and got the same result. Something was bad in the VDI file – above my pay grade to try to fix, so I just sucked it up and started fresh. Learned my lesson the hard way.

This is happening with Proxmox too … if I hard reboot the VM, HAOS has a chance of dying.

One observation in the ~3-4 months I’ve been using Home Assistant (HAOS), It’s quite fragile as compared to what I was coming from. Now to be fair this could be related to running it inside VirtualBox.

Because of this I take 2 backup’s per day. One using Samba Backup, and the other a complete VM backup.