Autodiscover Error multiple entries, same device

I’ve used a plugin for HACS “Iammeter” This was so badly written, that I dropped the plugin, uninstalled it. But for some reason, it keeps discovering even though the plugin is removed. Anyone who can help, where I remove the last pieces of this crappy plugin ? It keeps detecting the same device again and again, and makes a entry every time and ultimately crashes the Integrations page of HA

The latest version has solved this problem.
Of course, if you want to delete it, you can go here, custom_components/iammeter_xxx

The problem here. Is the folders are not in custom folder anymore :sweat:

You can do this, first download the latest version from hacs, then restart and check if there are still problems. If there are no problems, delete the related devices that have been added, and then delete the relevant integrations from hacs.