Autodiscovered MQTT sensor not being added to default "Overview" dashboard

Hi there

I have a whole bunch of sensors from my inverter that publish their values to MQTT which Home Assistant picks up fine.

I’m having an issue with one sensor in particular. It does get auto-discovered by HA and I can find the sensor if I search for it under “Entities” but for some reason, it’s not being added to the default “Overview” dashboard that’s managed by HA, why is that?

All the other auto-discovered entities seem to populate there just fine, it’s only this one sensor that doesn’t. And it’s a pretty important sensor, it’s the battery State of Charge (SOC).

Is there maybe a limit of how many sensors HA can show for one device?

The default “Overview” dashboard in Home Assistant is populated based on the entities that are marked as “favorite” in the Home Assistant configuration. By default, only a limited number of entities are marked as favorite, so not all entities that are discovered by Home Assistant will be displayed on the Overview dashboard.

If you want a specific entity to be displayed on the Overview dashboard, you can mark it as a favorite in the Home Assistant configuration. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the Home Assistant user interface, go to the “Configuration” tab and select “Entities.”
  2. Search for the entity that you want to add to the Overview dashboard.
  3. Click on the entity to view its details.
  4. At the bottom of the entity details page, click the “Add to favorites” button.
  5. Save the changes to your Home Assistant configuration.

Once you have marked the entity as a favorite, it will be displayed on the Overview dashboard. You can repeat these steps for any other entities that you want to display on the Overview dashboard.