Automagic turned on lamps, after they have been turned off

Howdy, I am new to Home Assistans, however I have been around using Z-Wave based systems for at least 10 years, so I have a bit of experience…

Although I have a new system, it mostly works like it should - however I have one challenge: Sometimes when an automation is run, that turns off a few lamps in a room, it will directly after that, turn one (not the same from time to time) back on. Now and I guess this might be important: This only occurs on the evening when the “Turn Down” automation is running at 21.30. It turns lamps off in multiple lamps in one room only. However it is not all lamps. I have sceens with turning ALL lamps on or off, that works perfect. But the automation that only controls a few of the lamps in one room, that one has this odd behavior. So the automation looks like this:

alias: Turn Down
description: Släck några av lamporna runt 21.30
  - platform: time
    at: '21:30'
condition: []
  - service: switch.turn_off
    data: {}
        - f3b2b09a878b002f7b36a4e324f80118
        - e6929d356d041fb1be4be3ba34f26897
        - 005bdc81355e462e58d764d3683d40e2
        - 2b27ef2adb033edf8d11a72ea52821f0
        - dc038e716286929d2d1f8b1bb4cad8bf
        - 4e9fd1c2aad1d1e46a3bf84ffc9c0962
mode: single

Nothing special at all. And as I mention if one of the scenes that affects the room as a whole, that works, just not when I select a few devices in a room. And when I look in the log it looks like this:

I simply fail to understand where the “turned on” command is generated?

Btw I am on the latest pi4 version " Home Assistant 2022.2.9" with updated driver for Z-Wave (Z-Wave JS 0.1.54).

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