Automate dumb roller blinds


I have cheap, chain operated roller blinds on all my windows and I’d like to automate them - also as cheaply as possible. Do You have any suggestions for the actual devices/motors/methods for achieving that?

For the background - I have a lot of Shelly devices already and some Z-wave smoke detectors (so I have the z-wave integration already in place). My own research shows that some devices are, working in their own environment/app and doesn’t integrate with HA, some are wrong type (eg. for “blade shades”) and some are Zigbee based, witch I dont have set up in my home. I couldn’t find any WiFi or z-wave motors. I had some problems with Z-wave in the past so in a perfect world I’d like to have them operating over the wifi like Shelly devices but I could live with z-wave also.


I don’t have a recommendation other than to keep away from these. I tried one, chain kept skipping. I tried all the fitting adapters.