Automate Google doorbell to Nvidia shield or LG TV

Hi all

I am looking to have my doorbell Stream appear on my TV when the doorbell is pressed.

My setup:

Home assistant
Google battery doorbell
Nvidia shield
Google nest Hub gen 2
Nabu casa account

I can create a script that has a trigger when the doorbell is pressed and a condition that checks if the TV is on but I can’t work out what action I need to use. I have tried the following:

Play media action with Shield selected as media player, but when I chose the camera option under pick media my Google battery doorbell doesn’t show up, instead at the bottom it says ‘1 incompatible item hidden’.

I’ve also tried the call service action camera: play stream, with the target as the doorbell and the entity as my Nvidia shield but if I try to run that action I get the following error

'Error running action

camera.front_door_doorbell does not support play stream service’

Any idea how I can get this to stream to the Nvidia shield when the doorbell is pressed?

What I would prefer even more is for it the doorbell Stream to appear as a pop up notification on the lg tv as that would not change the input from what we’re watching. I can get a text notification for this quite easily with the following but only text

alias: Doorbell Stream on TV
description: When doorbell pressed play stream on tv
  - platform: device
    device_id: bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    domain: nest
    type: doorbell_chime
  - condition: device
    device_id: bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    domain: media_player
    entity_id: media_player.living_room_tv
    type: is_on
  - service: notify.lg_webos_tv_oled55c24la
      message: "Somebody at door "
        duration: 20
mode: single

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m looking to do something similar and ran across your post. Have you had any luck in figuring this out?