Automate HA phone app iBeacon enable/disable?

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I’m using the Home Assistant phone app on my Android phone to transmit an iBeacon for room presence detection. So far it’s working nicely! To increase my security and battery life, I would like to automate enabling the app’s iBeacon when I’m attached to my home WiFi network and disabling it when I’m not attached to it. I already have WiFi-based detection set up.

How can I automate turning on and off the phone app’s iBeacon based on my WiFi presence?

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My guess is there is no way to do this. Can anyone confirm?


You can use APP Tasker to control this.




Interesting! I’ve installed Tasker and added the Home Assistant plugin for it. Are there any links to configuration guides on how to use Tasker to do this kind of task?

Thanks again for your help!!

Why do you want to use tasker to do it?
I just liked to how to do it in Home Assistant.

I have my Home Assistant system set up local-only with no cloud support. As soon as my phone drops off my local home WiFi network, I would like the app to turn off the app BLE transmitter. I need some automation that doesn’t originate from Home Assistant to turn off the transmitter. (The same automation can reverse it once the phone is back onto my home WiFi network.)

I wasn’t able to find in your linked docs how to turn off the transmitter without Home Assistant. Did I miss it?

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Nowhere in the question does it say without Home Assistant.

I guess technically true, yes. But, nowhere in the question does it say I have cloud support or my phone can otherwise communicate with Home Assistant while not on WiFi. The notification commands can work when I return to my WiFi network, so that is a good thing.

But for when I drop off home WiFi, I would need the phone to turn off BLE by itself, either with the Home Assistant companion cube app doing it for me or with a third-party app performing an automation. If the Home Assistant app can’t do it itself, Tasker looks like it might be an option, maybe hopefully.

Are there any good Tasker examples (or other options) out there for this type of need?

Thanks again!!