Automate multiple alarms and add a shortcut to Android

NOOB about 3 days into setting up HA. Loving it so far but struggling with something I think should be quite easy, despite quite a bit of googling.

I have Ring Nest (through Homebridge), Eufy and Canary cams which I now have 3 panels for in a custom dashboard, which so much more convenient than before. I just switch these between Armed-Home and Armed-Away, and no pincode is needed for any of them.

What I’d really like is to have a button in my Quick Settings on my phone. It would be great to have a switch that goes off and on. But I’d be ok with 2 buttons - one to arm and one to disarm.

I created an automation that watched for the change in Canary and changed the other two. But in Android, I cannot find a way to add a switch from Home to Away for the Canary, so cannot trigger from there. I can trigger the automation, but it does not enable the Canary, and also I think is not showing the state accurately.

I may have looked at some pages that did have the answer, but I’m not quite there in being comfortable entering directly into the config file so have been trying to do this through the UI. I have tried playing with automations, scenes and Alarmo but yet to crack this!!

Really appreciate any pointers!

Thank you

Made some progress here which I wanted to share for the benefit of anyone else trying to do anything similar. I was definitely struggling slightly because the Canary device integration seems to work slightly differently to the Nest and Eufy integrations.

Anyway, I setup a script which calls the service Alarm Control Panel: Arm Away. I then pointed the same service to the 3 entities - Canary, Eufy and Nest.

I have a second script which calls the service Alarm Control Panel: Arm Home.

I was then able to setup a button for each script in my Quick Settings on my Android device, so have manged to go from remembering to open 3 apps to change the arm setting, to accessing quick settings and tapping a single button…