Automate my sunscreen based on weather apps


im pretty new here. Can someone give me some advice:

i’ve started with one of my first automations. The first trigger which i have set is that the total production of my pv pannels should be above a certain number of watt. The second trigger i would like to add is that it should check if one of my weatherapps says its gonna rain within x minutes. So i’ve installed local apps like Buienradar of Buienalarm. But this apps doest contain a trigger.
Again, im really new with HA and dont know how to configure this. Do i need another app?

I’m assuming that buienradar provides a weather entity to home assistant, and that your using homeassistant version 2023.9 or later which changed the way to get forcasted weather data. See for information on how to now retrieve this weather data. I made a template sensor( to store the relevant part of the weather forcast that i use in my automation triggers.