Automate Running a Bath

Does anyone have any idea of automating the running of a bath, including controlling water flow, water outlet etc

I have seen bathomatic but paying thousands of pounds is out of the question.

Thanks in advance

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I have a Mira mode that does this, and the price was reasonable.
It came with an auxillary push button that can be wired into a relay to either start shower or run bath.
The trouble is you have to remember to put the plug in.

Like this

I’ve never heard of it before, how does it connect into HA?
Thank you

There’s another button that comes with that you could connect to a relay.
Also it has Bluetooth so you could potentially use that.
I don’t have mine connected to ha personally because I didn’t see much benefit. It’s a pretty cool system though and very well made

Thanks SaNewn, sorry, you did explain that in the first message.

I have just found and think using a solenoid valve and bath filler, I could achieve this pretty easily and cost effectively. Anyone have any idea how his bath plug goes down though? Reading the description he’s now changed to HA and control the plug via HA?

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So since I started this thread we’ve spent a lot of time renovating downstairs so thoughts of automating the bathroom were shelved.

However, I decided to relook into this again last night and a google search brought back up my own topic. Looking at the video from my previous post allowed me to know how to feed water into the bath, but I still wasnt sure how to put the bath plug up and down.

I then thought that if I was to put an always Open solenoid valve into my waste pipe (before the overflow joins for safety incase it got shut closed) then I could just ignore the plug and leave it unplugged but the water would not run away so long as I was suppling power to close the Solenoid valve. I would likely use a 3/4" valve so the water would run through this and back into 40mm waste pipe so possibly the bath would drain a bit slower than normal.

I also dont want to interfer with my current taps so decided I could just add a filler valve in place of my current overflow so that I would either be able to fill the bath manually or electronically by controlling the flow of a mix of hot and cold water, to this filler valve, by solinoid valves.

Am I missing anything obvious or should this work?

My current bath (like most peoples) is like so

Adding a few solenoids (3 x Always Closed, 1 x Always Open), a 4 channel DC12V output relay switch (12V ESP8266 ESP-01 4 Channel WiFi Relay Module For IOT Phone APP Controller | eBay) and replacing the overflow with a filler tap/overflow, I propose to build the below

I’ve no experience with the 4 Channel switch or solenoid valves so I’m looking for thoughts and possible assurances that my plan seems safe, sound and easily enough executable.

Thank you

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I’ve never seen a solenoid valve on a waste line. I’d suspect that after sometime the valve will no longer close correctly if it’s not purpose made. Walk in bathtubs have automated drain valves, I’d look into that for the waste line.

Did you end up doing this? It work out?


Yes I went ahead with the project.

I also added in a load more sensors and learned a load along the way too.

Here was my (almost) final board

The things I learned were;

  1. I used a Motorised Ball Valve instead of a Solenoid Valve for the waste outlet. I think I ended up using 1/2" but you really want the biggest you can get here so that the water drains quickly. A Solenoid Valve didn’t have enough pressure to drain through
  2. I used a water pump to do the bubble bath as again there isn’t enough pressure to put it through a solenoid or even a ball valve. I then still dilute my bubble bath a bit so it’s a bit runnier.
  3. I changed my relay board to be a 4 channel ZigBee relay board as WiFi does not work too well in among water pipes in the bathroom.

The 12v relay board runs;

  1. Hot Water Solenoid
  2. Cold Water Solenoid
  3. Waste Pipe Ball Valve
  4. Bubble Bath pump

There is a 4 button ZigBee Scene Switch then to control the above four functions.

The power also steps down to 5v to run the ESP which is connected to the following sensors;

  1. 3 x XKC Y25 No Contact Water Sensors positioned on the under the bath, half way up the side and at the overflow level of the bath. These let me know if the bath is in use and how high the water is. I use them to not turn off the motion lights if I’m in a bath.
  2. 2 x YF-S201 Water Flow Sensors so I can monitor how much water is in the bath.
  3. 1 x DS18B20 Temperature sensor so that I can see the temperature of the bath

In addition to the above, I also installed 3 x ZigBee wireless water leak sensors under the bath to check for any leaks. I had wanted these to be wired to the ESP but couldn’t find anything suitable

Overall I’m pretty happy with the way the project has turned out!


do you have any more details on this?