Automate target temp changes

i still struggle with ha when i want to configure things like i used to with jeedom.
So for the time being i want to enhance my heating.
I use advance heating control automation to control my thermostats.
In this automation taget temp is a helper input number.
You also have the possibility to have different schedules.
and a helper to control which one is active.
I made a automation to select the schedule. This automation set the helper (select) based on other input.
For example if mode holiday is on the holiday scheduler is active
I have several other schedulers for period when i’m alone, when kids are here,…
It works as intended but it lacks one thing: the helper (input number) for target temp has to be adjusted manually.
I want to switch target temp between several helpers. And if i could do in the same way i select schedule it would be awesome.