Automated alarm setup (light + online radio)

I have decided Home Assistant is the way to go and now I’m tailoring my shopping cart to fit what I have in mind. Any comments & suggestions are greatly appreciated!

What I want - Set a wake-up time on my phone. At that time I want a light to gradually increase in intensity and a specific online radio to start playing at a previously defined volume. I also want it running locally, without other hubs etc.

My current baseline:

  1. Home Assistant Yellow
  2. WiiM Pro
  3. “dumb” stereo speakers
  4. Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Dongle Plus-E
  5. Any Zigbee smart light

Possible issues:

  • I don’t have access to my router setup so I can’t create static DHCP leases which is recommended for the WiiM integration. Therefore, I am afraid the stability will be low.
  • The setup is too complicated and there is a simpler solution I don’t see.

HA gurus… will this work?

Regarding your non-access to the router could be a huge problem. Anyway you can get a cable drop from it and get yourself a router connected to it that you can have access to? Or, you could maybe set up a wireless bridge connected to main. This would also give you dhcp control/access. Pretty sure this could be a major stumbling block otherwise. One power outage or glitch could put your setup out of business.