Automated blind solution DIY - loop chain type


Any update on this. I went to the Teptron web site and the MOVEZ is still not released. It sounds like that is the one we would need for HA integration.


I’ve had Teptron Move for almost two years now.
Most likely the worst product I’ve ever encountered.

The app is horrible, even on a good day when it works. It stops working all the time (looses connection with Moves), and to get it working you need to pair each and every Move AND recalibrate it.
I have stopped using the app…

ZERO integration possibilities outside their own app (which, like I said, I can’t bare to use anymore). No API, nothing.
Running it on batteries + solar is a joke. I don’t have big windows and it still struggles on battery power. USB works fine though (2A).
The plastic rollers that you get for different types of cords break easily (three have already broken).
The sound from the engine is NOT quite at all. Not horrible when only running one Move, but when running four simultaneously, will wake up neighbours.
And it’s ugly.

I have just recently started getting into home automation (apart from the five Moves that I’ve had for longer), and I’ve recently gotten into Arduino, Fusion 360 and 3D printing, just to make my own better product.
If I succeed it will support all the common home automation protocols (maybe via a “hub”), TWO stepper motors to control both the functions a common (“swedish”) blind have (up/down + tilt). A good app. Good design and UX. + much more.
Wish me luck.


Hey @teamaxis, is there an API available for integrating the Axis Gear in other systems? I’m a programmer who would be willing and able to integrate it with Home Assistant if I can find that kind of documentation.


I have my Axis Gear working with a Nortek Z-Wave/ZHA USB stick. I can see the battery percent and open and close the blind but HA (0.85) sees it as a switch not a dimmer. Anyone know how I might edit the zigbee.db file to change the device type to dimmer?