Automated blind solution DIY - loop chain type


I’m excited about this product.

Less so on the price though…


Oof thats pretty expensive. I’ve backed the Movez project on IndieGogo. From what I can see its not much different from the Axis Gear except its way cheaper :slight_smile:

They had quite a lot of success with their Move project about a year/year and a half ago but this worked with Bluetooth. I was considering on ordering them (and thus requiring the need to introduce bluetooth into my home automation environment) when they suddenly came with the Movez project which adds ZWave support to their original Move.

They expect to ship somewhere in March. Seems like you can still select the perks on Indiegogo even though the project has already been funded fully.


@syphernl thank you for posting that link. I too, saw the Axis controllers but was put off by their price. I hope they do well but its too much for my liking. The Movez seems like a very good price point and I may have to join my first IndieGogo campaign.


Think VERY HARD before going into crowdfunding, especially on indiegogo where there is even less protection than on Kickstarter.

I have one last crowdfund on IGG that is now a year overdue and when (if) I ever get the damn product it will be my last. And these guys are already trying to sell another product!

I’ve done five crowdfunds. One never made it and had to refund the backers after getting fully funded and that was the best experience! One turned out to be nothing more than a repack of a Chinese product I could have bought a month later for half the price. One was delivered months after the proposed delivery date, but had half the features and ended up being abandoned a few months later.

The worst one was the Kreyos Smart Watch - and you really have to read about this one to believe it. What a freaking nightmare!!

The last one, the one I am waiting on is the Qube Wifi lights. Never again. And I will continue to warn others about crowdfunding until my last breath. Please guys, don’t. Just don’t. ESPECIALLY on Indiegogo.


I’m not a big fan of IGG either, this is the first project I’ve backed here. But since they have done one before (the Move, Bluetooth version) which was completed successfully I guess the risks are pretty small. Another option would be waiting until they start selling them on their website, though it’ll probably be more expensive.

Fingers crossed this project delivers.

I’ve also backed Slide on Kickstarter to automate my normal curtains as well. Hopefully they’ll add ZWave support to it too. In their current plan its using wifi and will have a documented API so would be probably easy to integrate into Home Assistant as well (though Zwave would be preferred over Wifi)


Sheesh, the pricing on this stuff is wacko. Check out this guys DIY version, less than $15 in parts.


It is pricey. Didn’t Ben do something along these lines in his old apartment? I was pretty sure I saw a tutorial on the @bruhautomation channel that either mentioned and showed these if not gave an actual run down on how he did it.

I believe he used ESP8266 as well (and at the time it was the first time I had ever heard of it…had to look it up).

If I can find that video, I’ll link it here.


@rpitera - Similar approach to his here, but cheaper and a little cleaner


Just like @syphernl, I backed the MOVEZ project by Teptron on Indiegogo for the following reasons:

  • Their MOVE project on Kickstarter was successful, which doesn’t guarantee anything but it sure does make it more likely that the MOVEZ project will be successful as well
  • For the MOVEZ project, Teptron teamed up with Telldus, a company whose devices are supported by Home Assistant
  • Z-Wave > Bluetooth
  • Affordable

I’m looking forward to getting my unit and integrating it into Home Assistant :sunglasses:

Oh, and I voted! :wink:


That’s the one!


Hey, everyone! My name’s Matt and I work at AXIS if anyone has any questions they’d like to ask.

In regards to the Movez project, we haven’t yet received the original Bluetooth unit so can’t speak first hand. However, we definitely encourage everyone to visit the comment sections of the original Move Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to see how people are reacting to the units.


I’m working on adding support to the cover.mqtt platform for tilting and then plan to do my own take on @brusc’s blinds project with an ESP8266 that controls both opening and tilting.


I guess the battery in the Move or Movez wont last long if its connected to other devices helping in the automation (HA) process?!


That’s not necessarily true. I have a battery powered window/door sensor which lasted for months before I had to recharge it. Also, battery powered Z-Wave devices do not relay for other Z-Wave devices to minimize battery use.

And finally, Teptron says the following about their MOVEZ unit:

We wanted MOVEZ to be as easy as possible to install out of the box so we made MOVEZ run on NiMH rechargeable batteries (4 x AAA) as default and by using the included solar panel in combination with rechargeable batteries MOVEZ will become self-sufficient.

MOVEZ can also be installed with permanent power by using a USB port power supply with a micro USB cable (not included).


I recently bought some Teptron Move and its one of the worst purchase for its price per unit. I am frankly fed up with it within a week of installing it. Its apparent the developers over promised on the functionality of the app, it only provides basic open and close functionality and from the other comments on the app site its been this way for a while with seemingly no updates as to when the other promised functionality will be available.

The next two issues I have with it are that it can never seem to open or close to the calibrated positions. The big issue is that it has lost its bluetooth functionality after a week. It doesn’t connect anymore to my phone, no number of reset, power cycle, reinstalling app, change of batteries, using usb power resolved this issue.

All I have now is a device that doesn’t do what it was advertised and sold to do, no promised functionalities and no control from phone with bluetooth which was one of the main reason I was looking at an automated blind system. At this stage I couldn’t use the promised functionality on the app even if it was released since bluetooth no longer works.

I would look elsewhere for automated blind system.


I have a couple of the Move units - I haven’t experienced a loss in bluetooth at all and they work fine for opening/closing. However, none of the automation options are currently available in the app like you say. I contacted Teptron support about this because it advertises automation on the box but doesn’t currently have it! They said that they’re aiming for July 2017 for that to be released and if I wasn’t satisfied with that I could return my units for a full refund. Maybe you should do that JL23!


Did this ever get sorted out?

I’m looking at the Move and considering a purchase, but I’m also getting a neglected vibe on some of this.


Bump. Wondering which one of these to buy. @teamaxis I’m willing to shell out more money for the axis if you have a working integration merged into HA src.

similarly, @fanaticDavid did you end up integrating the movez?


I am still waiting to receive my MOVEZ unit…


This is my take on the Move units:

They have now integrated automation into their own app which allows you to automate by sun, temp or time. I have only used the time automation thus far. The automation is saved inside the device. The hardware is great - it lifts my roman blinds which are quite heavy without issue. Where it falls down is the firmware / software, here’s why:

You can power the units either by battery or USB. If power is lost for whatever reason, just for a few seconds it seems, then the automation saved in the devices is lost. I tried having both batteries and USB power thinking that if USB power was lost then the batteries would keep it powered and prevent automation being lost, but no. In fact if you have both batteries and USB then automation seems to be lost randomly - I’m guessing because the unit can’t decide what power source to use and then loses the saved automation as it switches power source? If you just use batteries, once they run out of juice then the automation is lost. If you just use USB power then it is the most stable, but still loses automation from time to time for what reason I’m unsure. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to re-enter the automation which kind of defeats the point of having the units.

What would fix the above would be to have HA control the automation. Then you wouldn’t need any saved in the device. I have asked when they might integrate HA or even IFTTT but they said this in response 12 weeks ago:

We will evaluate integration possibilities farther down the road.
Thank you

I would therefore conclude: Do not buy these until they are integrated into a home automation hub as their own software is a pile of crap.

Maybe I’ve just had a bad experience with them. Would be good to hear from anyone else who has used them and their view / take on mine.