Automated Boolean condition helper

I have a recently set up hybrid solar installation. I would like to use as little power as possible and defer as many electrical appliances as possible to run in hours when there is excess solar power.

My idea is to have a helper that is true when all of the following are true:

  • grid power (a threshold sensor) is off (ideally for longer than 15 minutes)
  • solar power (a threshold sensor) is on
  • battery SOC is above 95%
  • battery charge rate (a derivative sensor) is greater than zero

My idea is to then use this combined sensor as a trigger, or perhaps condition in some cases, to start various automations - auxillary geyser, swimming pool pumps, etc.

I think I could do this via a simple toggle helper which is controlled by its own automation with these conditions (and triggers), but I wondered if there was another way? This way would allow me to easily override the toggle to run at other times (eg inclement weather), but it’s unlikely that I’d want all of the associated automations to run if they’re being run from the grid, so that “benefit” is not really useful.

Any thoughts or ideas?