Automated deployments


I deploy Azure resources using ARM templates, DSC, powershell, az cli, from git repos. Entire environments / networks deployed from code - IaC.

What’s the equivalent with Home Assistant, Ubuntu (ARMBIAN)? How would I run a deployment to deploy a HA onto a new Pi for example? I would expect some manual setup on the Pi first to install / connect to Git but it’s after that I’m unsure of.


There are many installation methods documented, depending on what hardware/software you have, and what sort of installation you want to end up with.

That depends on whether you have a Pi up and running and you just want to add HA, or if you want to deploy HA on a Pi as the only program and dedicate the Pi to that. If you have any doubts, just follow the default Getting started guide which is the standard non-tech way of installing HA on to a new Pi dedicated to HA.


To be honest it would be a deployment from the outset.

So, a new Pi and a blank SD Card. I would flash the SD Card with ARMBIAN so I can SSH.

It’s the next steps I’d like to automate as currently I have a list of steps to go through to configure the Pi and then install/configure HA in a virtual environment on top of Ubuntu.

If any of that can be automated from a git repo (a base config as some items cannot be automated - zwave controller, etc) that is what I’d like to achieve.


If you are installing HA on armbian, there is no Ubuntu involved, you just create the virtual environment as a user in armbian. I don’t know of anything that can automate those steps on armbian.

The hassbian install method has everything set up already, which I think is the sort of thing you are looking for, but that uses rasbian rather than armbian. I don’t know of an armbian equivalent - although it should largely be a matter of copy and paste if you wanted to create one.

After installing hassbian, you still need to set up your own configuation files - the install just puts default ones in.

You might also consider using docker, as that is all pretty automated.


Yeah I need to spend some time with Docker as it’s all self-contained so would achieve it all I guess.

Cheers for the info though!