Automated Lawn Mower

I have pretty much fully automated the home and am very happy with it.

Ther are some mobility issues starting to come up - I was interesting in looking into decent but not expensive automated Lawn mowers.

The lawn is not entirely flat - and I do have some large long roots that stick up above the ground as well…

Any thoughts?

I’ve spent the last two years evaluating mowers and part of that is waiting on availability of integration into HA. I’ve looked at them all, and “cheap” ones require a parameter wire (no thanks), the new ones are camera + RTK GPS and don’t require it but there are teething issues. The one I have landed on as of today is the new RTK + Camera (nobody else does this, it’s one or the other) mower by Segway, the reviews are really good and the features are nice with a reasonable price of under $1,500.

The only downside is that 1/4 acre is the largest they have, but that only means how much it’ll do in a charge, not the capability of the mower itself overall.

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@CO_4X4 quick question, how does it handle big roots sticking up -= as long as it works it’s way around them then it is worth it… but, if it does not have enough for a piece of land, does it go back and finish the job after restarting, or it just starts over again?

From what I’ve seen it does great with roots and most obstacles. It works like a Roomba, it goes back and charges to finish the job. Whats more is that it will mow in the opposite direction of it’s last full complete cycle just like you should do manually so your grass doesn’t learn to lean.

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Thanks for your input @CO_4X4. I have been watching these for years.

My boss and her husband bought one last year that requires the wire. I did not want that.

Have not seen this one in my queries. But, glad to see an actual owner of it.