Automated long term statistics edit

Hi, my electricity meter outputs the consumption in kWh once every hour. and it outputs the current usage in W every 10 seconds.

The issue is that i get the consumption almost a minute after the hour. So if i put this in a utility meter and use in the energy dashboard the energy usage is shown an hour late.

Im also using the current power to calculate the energy by a integral riemann sum.

the integral is pretty close but its not spot on.

What I want to do is put in the long term statistics data for the previous hour every time I get the hourly energy usage. So it perfectly matches what I will se on my bill.

Anybody done this before?

Are you using method: left ?

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Im using right.

im assuming that the difference comes from that the meter internally has waaay more samples than once every 10 seconds. so it can get a more accurate energy usage than i can using the power readings.

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