Automated mozzie zappers

I have tried to read through docs and guides in relation to automations and using node-red or just plain yaml but I’m stuck.
What I want to do is this.
I have 4 sonoff s26 power points included as entities. Each of thesse are in a differnet room and have a plug in mozzie zapper to stop those pesky little blighters.
My plan is.
From my home interface a user can turn on one of these units (say we have a guest staying in one of the rooms) - BUT I only want the unit to switch on at dusk and off in the morning.
So it’s a bit like having two switches. The home interface switch should remain on whilst guests are here but the unit is in a timed mode (probably based on sun.sun). This on/off on dusk and dawn should continue until the home interface is turned off.
I’m feeling like it’s an automation within an automation.
Maybe if i could be pointed to some node-red flow examples that are similar or an automation script that I could rearrange to suit my entity names?
Thanks for any assistance.