Automated roller blinds with wifi, without hub

I am new on using HA. Actually, I still have to start with it. But I am convinced that it is the most versatile and open home automation controller there is. I will order some hardware and start playing with it.

Now, I want to order some roller blinds. I have found the Motionblinds and new type Montionblinds EVE which have wifi. When i read about the motionblinds integration it says “This integration allows for both directly controlling blinds that support wifi-connection and controlling Uni- and Bi-direction blinds that connect to a 433MHz WiFi bridge.”
So i am looking for devices that directly support wifi and do not need a wifi bridge to work with HA. Is this possible? And is Montionblinds EVE the wright choise? Or what blind motors should i use?

I hope i am not asking questions that were allready asked, but i seached for hours on this forum and could not find the answer about the direct wifi controlling without a wifi bridge.

Greetz, Toon

To get useful answers:

  • Provide some reference links on the product, on the integration, and maybe a couple of alternative rollers that you have found (and available in your country, but not sure) so far.
  • And provide information on what your setup is, what do you have, what do you use, protocols, etc.