Automatic bathroom light - how to?


I’ve got a problem that might be kind of interesting to logic heads among you guys.

I’d love an automatic light at the bathroom (not the toilet room). I’ve set an Aqara Motion sensor to deal with it but it’s slow to turn the light on (at least 3-4 seconds, too long). I’ve got Aqara Door Sensor too which works instantly.

It would be easy if the door was closed every time (I’d just use the door sensor to toggle the light), but it isn’t - most of the time we use it to freshen up or clean teeth, with door left open. I think the two devices could be used in tandem but I can’t figure out the logic of it.

Any ideas how to automate this? Thanks!

My aqara motion sensors kick in instantly. As soon as I step foot in the bathroom the lights are on.

Therefore, although I have door sensors, they don’t get used for anything as opening the door also sets off the motion sensor.

Can you work out if the delay is in the sensor picking up movement, or is it the movement kicking off your automation which is taking a few seconds?

Huh, I deleted and re-created the automation and it seems to go faster… I tried to re-position the Body Sensor as well and it seems to have a big impact, EVEN IF the link quality is LOWER at the new place. Weird but for the time being, it’s better. Thanks!