Automatic button click in iframe card

Hi all,

i want to include a weather radar from meteoblue in my dashboard.

With this thread i was able to get a continious refresh of the page.

I am searching now for a solution to automatically press the play button, once the site has refreshed. I have only little knowledge of html, so i hope andybody can help me.

If i search through the source code, there is a class:

<div class="play-vxSRW"></div>

which represents the button.

There is a plugin http s://static. meteoblue. com/lib/maps-plugin/v0.x/maps-plugin.js (sorry, only allowed to post 2 links) which has a function

function() {
  n.isPlaying ? (n.onStop(), n.isPlaying = !1, n.enableScrubbingMode()) : (n.onPlay && n.onPlay(), n.setPlaying(!0))

which is executed, when the play button is toggled. Is it possible to automate this?

Thanks in advance