Automatic discovery and homekit does not work

Hi all,

Since moving to a docker instance, I have not been able to get auto-discovery to work. To give you a quick recap.

When I first moved to a docker instance, I had a setup at home creating two different subnets. So the wifi was on one IP range and the wired on an other IP range. Auto-discovery did not work, but everything else seems to work, and I even got the wifi shelly plugs to work, even though I had different subnets.

Since I use plejd in my entire house I wanted to add everything to apple homekit, enabling apple homekit on the plejd gateway does not work, it has to be on the same IP range so I removed my old router and instead only use google wifi nest router.

Everything works, and I thought that the discovery should start to work also but it does not. I can’t add my home assistant as a hub to the homekit either, because it says that it can’t find it and connect to it.

Two problems, auto-discovery still does not work and I can’t add my home assistant to apple homekit.

I have a google mesh wifi setup.

Any tips would be helpful :pray:t2:

Do you use host networking? Something something discovery need mdns which works with no issue with host networking but may work with difficulty without it.

Thanks for answering :slight_smile: As I understand it, network mode host == macvlan (which is how I have it set up).