Automatic event from email to gmail for automation

So i would like to create an event in my google calendar when i get an email, so i can base an automation based on a certain email received (emails from school saying accident or something similar).

I was sure it was possible to email events to your calendar (i know yes you can do it based from when you’re looking at the email in question), but i can’t find figure out how to do it. I was hoping a rule/filter in gmail would do it.

Maybe i’m missing something obvious. I wonder what google picks up on from an email to decide there’s a upcoming flight or amazon package/event i could possible use something like that.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

use the imap sensor integration. you can filter in there for what you want to look for.

Yeah i was hoping to do it based on calendar invite, not sure i want to expose this mailbox to homeassistant.