Automatic Garage door wiring advice

Hi Folks

So I would really like to be able to add my garage door to HA so that I can use my phone etc to open it rather than the IR remote.

I have the wiring diagram of my door controller and can see that there is an external switch mentioned. There is a metal pin in the ground and what I believe is the stop. Not being an electrician, I’m just wondering if this is where I could maybe add a switch.

Any of you clever people out there understand and give me any advice.

many thanks :slight_smile:

Not 100% sure on yours (just did mine, but I had a wire already run). I think connect the GND to either the Square, Up Triangle or down Triangle of the “external switch” and that should do it. Just put a piece of wire in the Ground, then touch to the other 3 and see what happens!

Then you’ll want to get a shelly or a this (, put esphome or tasmota on it, and should be good to go. Wire it to the Common and NO, and make a momentary switch You will also want a reed sensor or a door magnetic contact to know if your door is up or down. Optional, but highly recommended. There are lots of posts around with different options.

Looks like you can power it right with the 24 Volts available, so no need to even run power to the esp device!

Thanks, yes I will add a sensor but I just wanted to get the the opening and closing sorted first. I will give it a go with the wire as you suggest though.

Could I also look at using a Shelly Plus 1 UL ?

From what you’ve posted the external switch hookup shows like the old style (3 button control).
1 button opens the door
2 button closes the door
3 button stops the door

Which is far different than a single button that you press for open, stop, close.

So you will need something to control 3 switches.

Yes you are correct with the 3 buttons.
i’ve been searching google for the last couple of hours, one video i have found is similar and the guy uses a sonoff 4 ch pro. So I am assuming that would work unless there are other recommendations.
That said, I’m not particularly bothered about automating the stop button.

Yeah, that sonoff probably will work. You could probably get by with a 2ch device (just forget the stop) or a 4ch device or you can buy an ESPChip and 3x relays and wire yourself. You have a ton of options depending on your preference.

Thank you. I will look at the easier options :smiley: in devices that are ready to go out of the box. It is all starting to make sense now.

Depending on your situation:

or more heavy duty WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth