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Hello dear Home Assistant community !

After one year of home automation, I’m excited to finally share my first project with you all : a fully automated smart gate system ! :rocket:

This setup is perfect for anyone who has successfully connected their gate to their Home Assistant server and wants a seamless experience

:star2: Key Features:

  • Automatic Opening: Your gate will open automatically when you drive home. No need to press any buttons ! :house:
  • Smart Navigation: Directly open the gate when leaving home, or launch an itinerary when starting from outside :rocket:
  • Multi-User Support: Manages up to 10 drivers simultaneously :red_car:
  • Collision Prevention: Ensures the gate doesn’t close on anyone arriving or leaving at the same time :construction:
  • Security & Reliability:
    • Precise Waze and ETA calculations to have your gate fully open exactly when you arrive home :dart:
    • Real-time position tracking to adjust timing for traffic or if you pass by without entering :round_pushpin:
    • Car status monitoring to cancel everything if you leave your car :raised_hand:
    • Built-in timeouts in case of an internet loss :hourglass_flowing_sand:
    • Maximum entry and leaving time before auto-closing :hourglass:
    • Notification alerts at each decision of the automation :rotating_light:
    • Manual actions prioritized over the automation, letting you control your gate even while the automation is running :writing_hand:
  • Customizable Settings:
    • Auto-close with iBeacon :satellite:
    • Adjustable notifications :speech_balloon:
    • Customizable security options :lock:
    • Customizable gate operation timings :hammer_and_wrench:
    • Customizable travel time refresh rate :repeat:
    • Multiple gates supported by reusing the blueprint :recycle:

Why You’ll Love It :heart:

This automation makes managing your gate while driving easier. You’ll never having to worry about manually opening or closing your gate again. When you arrive home, your gate will greet you and will already be open for you. Plus, the customization options allow you to tailor the system to your exact needs.

In case your gate is not smartified yet, don’t hesitate to use my ESP32 gate firmware on my GitHub !

You’ll also find some Extra stuff like a vehicle tracker map for your dashboard, some blueprints to warn you if your gate has been left open, and finally an ESP32 script to emit a BLE signal in your older car to detect when you’re driving ! :red_car:

Feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback. I’m here to help you get the most out of this smart gate automation !

Happy automating ! :tada:


Update V1.0.1 : :rocket:

  • Fixed the bluetooth activation switch input left blank not being accepted by Home Assistant

Please update to the latest version

Update V1.0.2 : :rocket:

  • Added the option to disable automatic gate closing after entry if your gate only supports opening. Be careful as this setting can also turn off all securities
  • Added a notification when the itinerary is canceled due to the travel time integration not responding to update requests
  • Converted “gate left open notification” and “gate offline notification” automations to blueprints

Update V1.0.3 :rocket:

  • Made the “Automatic closing on arrival” boolean also affect leaving, to ensure that all auto-close securities will also be disabled while leaving
  • Removed unnecessary “clear_notification” calls received after leaving home, even though no notification was sent

Update V1.0.4 :rocket:

  • Grouped Esphome Firmware and Automatic Gate moving notification tags
  • Added the option to receive a notification when your gate opens and you don’t use my Esphome Firmware
  • Fixed a bug where your gate could wait for someone else on leaving even though you were alone
  • Added hyperlinks in blueprint inputs pointing to sensors.md
  • Updated description

Update V1.0.5 :rocket:

Automatic Gate :shinto_shrine:

  • Fixed a missing variable introduced in v1.0.1 which caused the automation to crash on leaving
  • Removed Buy Me a Coffe button in blueprint description

Repository :open_file_folder:

  • Changed High Accuracy Mode Trigger Range recommendation in sensors.md
  • Fixed notification automations import buttons

My car has it own gps connected to traccar. May it support a device_tracker of type traccar_server?


I don’t believe device_trackers have types.
It should work fine I think.

At least mine does.
Anyway, I solved that creating a person entity and using the traccar device tracker associated with that person.

The only one thing left are:

  • Driving sensor. Since the position is the car position, not my phone position, the driving sensor should be optional.

Hello, thanks for your interest in my project !
I had thought about adding device_trackers, but I’m currently trying to make the blueprint send a notification to the user when another one is arriving/leaving soon and that the gate will wait for him before closing.
However, I would need to get the name of this person, and a device_tracker doesn’t have one associated, so it won’t be able to simply say “The gate is waiting for Etienne arrival before closing”
I’ll try to think about another way around, but for now making a person for your car like you did should work (but is not a perfect solution)

The driving sensor is really important as this is the one in charge of starting the blueprint when you turn on your engine, and cancel it at any time if your car goes off.
If your integration doesn’t give you a “car turned on” sensor, I would suggest using an Android Auto sensor, or making a template sensor relying on your bluetooth connections

ok, got it. Traccar has an attribute that tell me if the car is on or off. I can transform that in a sensor and use it for that purpose. I will try that approach. Thanks.

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how do you determine the home position? by the proximity sensor and the time travel sensor? My gate is not near my home, so the home location on those sensors must be the gate location?

Not load in home assitant

The home position is determined by Waze integration (you can edit the destination), but also is hard set into the blueprint.
I will try to push an update in the week to allow you to change the zone

Thank you for reporting a bug !
Could you please share more info about the error you got or the point where you’re stuck please ?

Update V1.0.6 :rocket:

Automatic Gate :shinto_shrine:

  • Added an input to specify a custom gate location
  • Added an input to let your iBeacon phone transmitter always on
  • Removed unnecessary variable
  • Removed unnecessary float conversion
  • Changed notification channels
  • Restored Buy Me a Coffee button

Automations :robot:

Ble car device :red_car:

  • Replaced simple quotes with double quotes, to let the code compile successfully

Itinerary Tracker Map :world_map:

  • Updated URL in lovelace
  • Removed unnecessary float conversion

Repository :open_file_folder:

  • Added illustration pictures to esphome firmware readme
  • Updated readme
  • Simplified sensors.md

Hello !
Could you try updating to v1.0.6 and tell me if the custom gate location input works for you ?

can this be used with the basic garage door with the ratgdo?

Hello :wave:
This blueprint works with any switch or cover gate entity !