Automatic Lovelace Card by Entity Shows Empty

Not sure if this may have started in a previous versions, but shortly after upgrading to 2024.2 automatically creating a Lovelace card by entity doesn’t work anymore. I edit a dashboard > Add card > By entity > Select any entity > Continue. The We created a suggestion for you dialog comes up but it’s empty.


Clicking “Add to dashboard” does nothing. However, picking a card manually has no problem.

Both the web browser console and the HA log register the following interesting error, but it does not correlate much with me reproducing the issue and a similar error was dismissed on this post as benign.

Logger: frontend.js.latest.202402070
Source: components/system_log/
First occurred: 18:44:48 (4 occurrences)
Last logged: 21:22:29

Uncaught error from Firefox 22.0 on Windows 10 Error: Failed to execute ‘define’ on ‘CustomElementRegistry’: the name “bar-card-editor” has already been used with this registry 4404/</window.CustomElementRegistry.prototype.define (src/scoped-custom-element-registry.js:44:14) legacyCustomElement (/hacsfiles/bar-card/bar-card.js:2263:27) customElement/< (/hacsfiles/bar-card/bar-card.js:2298:5) __decorate (/hacsfiles/bar-card/bar-card.js:19:95) /hacsfiles/bar-card/bar-card.js:4402:17

What I’ve done:

  • Reload without cache.
  • Test on Firefox and Chrome.
  • Restart HA.
  • Ensure that card-mod and Bar Card are up to date.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Yes sir, error log was slightly different, but I experienced the same as your screen shot.

I don’t have Bar Card installed
Running Chrome and Win 11

Interesting. It may not have to do with Bar Card in fact. I’ll dust up my HA dev vm and attempt to reproduce it there on a lighter system.

Otro que se suma a lo mismo, he provado de todo, pero desde la actualización estoy igual.

Home Assistant Green

Do you have any custom frontend components? Or do you see similar errors in the log?

I have a secondary test system with only these installed and am experiencing the same issue after upgrading to 2024.2. It definitely was not there in 2024.1 because I tested it prior to the upgrade.

I got same problem. the popup ’ We created a suggestion for you’ when adding something to dashboard is empty.

HA 2024.2.0
HACS 1.34
apexcharts-card 2.0.4

@odwide The 2024.2.1 fixed the issue for me


Thanks! Yes, it’s fixed.

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