Automatic OS and Core Updates

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It would be greatly convenient for HASS to perform an automatic image backup when a new OS and or Core update is available and then automatically update to latest version thereafter.

I would love to deploy a HASS setup in a family members home, but the lack of automatic updates stops me. The last thing I need is to have to physically travel to someone’s home to perform updates on their behalf, as each time there are updates, remote access fails.

It just seems like a very convenient feature missing for those who could benefit from it. Yes I understand people are afraid of the device failing upon update, but it is much more inconvenient when remote access fails and you have to go out of your way to LAN connect to perform the update. The whole goal is to automate your home, and having to physically tend to a device meant for automation, kind of nullifies the goal.

I use watchtower to automatically update containers in my Home Assistant stack.

Works like a charm, no need to re-invent the wheel.

What do you think is more likely…

Remote access failing?

Or a breaking change that needs fixed after update before your system works again?

Either way you have to fix it.

I’d much rather be able to prepare for the time to perform an update in case something breaks than to have your remote family member call you in the middle of the night or at some other inopportune time (like when you are on vacation) and tells you their HA isn’t running because of a failed auto-update.

That’s happened more than once for a failed supervisor auto-update (that we can’t opt out of) so I’d really rather that not be the road we go down.

At least if you are trying to update and remote access fails you can have your remote family be there to try to fix that remote access at that time instead of being completely caught by surprise.

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That‘s why I separate OS from application by using Home Assistant Container (non-supervised). Even if update fails, I am still able to connect to the OS via SSH and fix/revert.


Yeah, me too. :wink:

I’m just throwing out my opinion to save others the potential pain caused by implementing this request.

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On paper this feature sounds great, but in reality where updates can fail and cause issues it does not add any convenience at all.

It would be as simple as incorporating an enable/disable option for those who have anxiety with this feature. This way those of us that would benefit from it can still utilize it and those who do not, can disable it. As the feature is actually put into practice, issues can be reported and fixes can be integrated to optimize its functionality. Without its existence, there cannot be any progress.