Automatic theme change based on date


I am trying to set up a very simple theme change similar to what we had on the PS3:

  • every 14th qnd 28th of the month we apply a different color schema and them.

I read through the different automation and helper docs but cannot find a way to tie this together.
Any ideas would be very welcome.

Thansk a lot

Set your profile to use Backend selected themes,

Write an automation triggered by the dates you want. Use the service frontend.set_theme to set the theme you want.

Hello and thank you for your quick reply.
It is the automation trigger by different dates that I struggle with. I couldn’t figure out how to add tjose 24 different dates as triggers. Any ideas?

Thanks again

You can use a template trigger like this:

  platform: template
  value_template: "{{ now().day in [14, 28] }}"

Hello Tom,

that is where I get lost:
Every 14th and 28th of each month I want top change the theme. So I have 24 themes and 24 triggers.
How should I set this up in a single automation? I struggle with the syntax and where to put what. .:frowning: